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The 5 Signs Your Child Needs Speech Therapy


The 5 signs are:

1. Lack of social interaction. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have any friends. This means that they struggle to make eye contact and engage with others.
2. Very limited words and sounds. They should be trying out different words and babbles.
3. People other than you cannot understand what your child is saying. It is common for you to understand them more easily, but as they begin interacting with other children and adults they should be able to make out what they are trying to say. This red flag is when there is no way someone else can understand them.
4. By 2 years old, they haven’t started to combine words. Such as “momma come” or “I go”. Very simple word combinations.
5. Child struggles to make or imitate sounds. Usually this has to do with hard sounds (ones that you cannot see someone make, or are made in the throat).
I know that is can be so incredibly difficult as a parent to accept or admit that something is not perfect with your child, but know that the sooner we get them help, the better! Many children struggle with speech when they are young, but if we get them the proper help, those issues will go away.