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Your baby’s first birthday party and how to make it memorable June 6, 2019 779 No Comments


Your baby’s first birthday party will be memorable as you celebrate this time with family and friends. In just 365 days, you have witnessed your newborn’s transformation into a curious and engaging baby who communicates, explores and plays in many different ways. [ctt_hbox link="3wehW" via="yes" ]Your child’s first birthday party is to commemorate this important anniversary with food, fun and a party to enjoy with family and friends. @weloveebaby[/ctt_hbox]

Choose your inspiration

Fіrѕt birthday раrtіеѕ do not hаvе to аdhеrе to a rіgіd theme, but themes can also guіdе уоur party decor, уоur activities, аnd more. Think about what your child likes. Maybe he/she has a favorite book that you read to him/her every night, or maybe he/she is passionate about balloons, butterflies or buses. A character, story, toy or favorite animal can be a source of inspiration for your party décor. For a one-year-old kid who loves ladybugs, you can choose a black and red color scheme for your decor and a ladybug shaped cake for your guests. If you do not want to plan the party around your child’s favorite themes, choose a color combination or pattern (such as bands or peas) to guide your decor, invitations, table decoration and party favors.

Celebrating milestones

Your child has come a long way since the day he or she was born. Reflect his first year with creative decorations. Create a collage of your child’s photos from his/her first 12 months of life. Use a board or bulletin board to display all of your child’s “firsts,” from first tooth to first words, first steps and more. The center piece can display photos of your growing baby.

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Stay realistic

It’s easy to let a first birthday party become a big event. After all, you want to celebrate the big day with your family and friends. Stay focused on the elements of the party that are important to you. Find a place that can accommodate your guest list. Do not let your guest list become overwhelming. Limit your menu to the food items that you can prepare and can afford. If you do not want to serve dinner for 40 people, organize a party in the late morning or mid-afternoon, which will require less food. Children’s entertainment is not essential if only a few children attend the party. Finally, set your budget so you can focus your spending on the essentials of the party.


Who to invite?

Your baby is going through a stage where he is still very attached to you. His best party? Give him all your attention. His “network” social is anyway very small, and it suits him very well! He will not thank you for inviting a bunch of strangers, stick to friends and relatives. His grandparents will not want to miss this moment, with a camera in hand.

Games and Activities

Consider music or nursery rhymes to make them dance. Put nursery rhymes as a “boat on the water” on which they can dance. The game of hide and seek or even peek-a-boo with the birthday boy/girl can be a lot of fun. Also where toys are hidden in a box or under a blanket is also very popular with toddlers, as it allows them to search and discover. And of course, your baby will love helping you undo the gift packages, especially tearing up the paper! You will find other ideas at the party stores. Some even sell child-friendly party-ready kits.

What should you eat?

Make it simple! Think of a buffet with small bite size pieces that will appeal to both children and parents. Thus, the little ones will not have to interrupt their games to eat! Parents may have already thought about bringing a baby bottle or a baby bag containing their child's favorite drink. Always have water, milk and fruit juice on hand. If you are preparing food for adults, avoid peanuts or other foods that could be dangerous for the little ones.

Babies who already have some teeth will be able to bite into the food; others will not have one yet. Plan to eat while thinking of everyone: breadsticks, mini-cheese sandwiches, cut into small triangles, cubes of soft cheese, small quiches. The chocolate chip cookies are delicious but messy. Your little guests will probably eat very little, so vary the pleasures, textures, and colors rather than predicting too much. Prepare a nice cake. Have you thought of ordering it in advance if you do not prepare it yourself? When it comes to blowing out the candle be at his side to help.

In closing remember that days like these help build lasting memories for you and your baby, so have fun and enjoy! Plus, don’t forget the have a video camera or cell phone on hand to capture these moments so you can share them with your child when he/she is older.

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