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5 Tips to keep your baby warm in winter January 10, 2019 545 No Comments

5 Tips to keep your baby warm in winter


Winter is here and everything seems cold. New parents must be worried about how to keep their new babies warm in this harsh weather condition. So, how do you keep your baby warm and comfortable during this cold weather? Here are some tips to get you started.

Buy Winter Clothing

Good, quality winter clothes should be part of your preparations for the winter season. You will need warm shoe socks, warm snowsuits, fleecy hats, coats, and thermals for you and your baby. Since heat loss is mostly from the head and feet, it would be better to get some warm clothing materials to cover these vulnerable areas.

Wool clothes/ products are popular for those who live in colder climates because wool has great insulation properties. You could always shop on for all your babies winter clothing needs.

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Dressing in Layers

Dressing your baby in layers is just another way to keep your babies warm during the cold season. You can dress your baby in a long-sleeved undershirt at the upper half. This can be wool or a thermal dress. Then, wear a turtleneck or two shirts on top plus a sweater or coat. Prioritize wool coats because they help to conserve heat.

On the lower half, dress your baby in long underwear and put on a pair of heavy pants. Waterproof pants like ski pants are better.
We recommend your baby wear heavy socks and / or wool booties. If your baby has started walking, choose footwear with good treads to prevent slipping on icy areas. As mentioned above, don’t forget to put on a cap, hat, earmuffs, and/or gloves.

Keep Your Baby Warm In the Car

Cars are quite easy to heat up than the home and will conserve a lot of heat. So, whenever you are traveling with your baby in the car, make sure you heat up the car a prior to hitting the road. Also, while you put your baby on the car seat, make sure you wrap them in a blanket but not too tightly.

Avoid the Elements

As parents, you should avoid staying out long with your baby in the winter even when they are wrapped. However, if you must stay out in the cold elements for a long time, make sure they are protected from the elements. Make sure your babies are secured under a warm blanket and shade them from the wind, snow, rain or sleet. Check on the baby often to ensure they are safe and okay.

Check Baby's Temperature

Of course, babies use to cry and scream when uncomfortable or when they are hungry, cold, or hot. However, since they are unable to tell what exactly is wrong, it is left to you as a parent to figure out exactly what the problem is. During the winter, make sure you constantly check the temperature of your baby not by feeling their hand, but by feeling the back of her neck. This will tell you how hot or cold your baby is.

When to see the Doctor

If you notice something unusual with your baby, make sure you seek professional advice. If your baby still cries even after dressing them in layers, then something else can be wrong as well. Be on the safer side and contact your local doctor immediately.

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