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An Odd Observation: Car Seats in an Unusual Place October 16, 2019 451 No Comments


Two car seats rested against a large, ornamental rock at the bottom of the Walmart parking lot. It wasn’t a place anyone would expect to see a car seat. No sign announced why they were there. They weren’t labeled “free to new home.” They just sat there, mute testimony to some event in their plastic… Read more »

Should Rice Cereal Be Baby’s First Food? July 18, 2019 489 No Comments


In the early 1970’s, one of the first foods pediatricians would recommend for infants was rice cereal – usually Gerber’s rice cereal. Gerber’s rice cereal, for those of you who have not been introduced to the intricacies of baby food, is a dry flake that look very much like bran flour but are not. The… Read more »

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Taking Your Baby Outside For The First Time July 11, 2019 312 No Comments


Going out in the open with your baby brings many benefits. Taking a walk, going to the park or just spending time on a park bench enjoying nature, are activities that every child and parent should enjoy as often as possible. In spring and summer, when the weather is good and the temperatures are warm… Read more »

Feeding Your Baby July 4, 2019 606 No Comments


Does feeding your baby solid foods earlier help in them sleeping more soundly? Does feeding your baby solid foods earlier help them sleep more soundly? Oh, my, is that ever a loaded question! First, let’s think about a few things. Is the baby breast fed? How early is “earlier”? Earlier than what? Does the child… Read more »

5 Easy Ways to Bond With Your Baby June 27, 2019 772 No Comments

5 Easy Ways to Bond With Your Baby

  5 easy ways to bond with your baby as a new mother, you might be wondering how you can bond with your baby. It is normal if you do not immediately feel a bond with your child after birth. This can be due to various reasons such as exhaustion from a long labor and… Read more »

Parenting Tools for Single Parents June 20, 2019 1236 No Comments

Parenting Tools for Single Parents

Being a single parent is one of the most challenging roles to play in life, especially without the assistance of a partner.  When you have some tools in your tool box, however, to help you navigate through the experience, being a single parent can also be one the most fulfilling and wonderful experiences in the… Read more »

Changes with a New Baby June 13, 2019 758 No Comments

Changes with a New Baby Blog

You’ve planned, you’ve anticipated, and the big day has finally arrived: you are bringing home your new baby. Whether the child is biologically yours or you have adopted, you can expect your life to change. For simplicity’s sake, we are going to assume that the baby you are bringing home is a newborn. Introducing older… Read more »

Your baby’s first birthday party and how to make it memorable June 6, 2019 848 No Comments


Your baby’s first birthday party will be memorable as you celebrate this time with family and friends. In just 365 days, you have witnessed your newborn’s transformation into a curious and engaging baby who communicates, explores and plays in many different ways. [ctt_hbox link=”3wehW” via=”yes” ]Your child’s first birthday party is to commemorate this important… Read more »

Combating the Disposable Age with Cloth Diapers May 30, 2019 795 No Comments


Keeping Baby dry, clean and warm has been an age-old process, ranging back to times when infants were packed into nests of moss or other absorbent (and disposable) material. Finding a suitable material such as cloth, that will keep an infant dry and warm has always been a challenge – especially before the invention of… Read more »

Top 10 Tips To Get Your Newborn To Sleep May 23, 2019 2998 No Comments


BABY SLEEP Getting a newborn to sleep can be incredibly difficult for the new parent. It’s a whole new territory that many of us don’t know how to navigate. If you are reading this bleary-eyed and exhausted, don’t worry–this time shall pass. Right now, it feels like the sleepless nights and midnight feedings will never… Read more »