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Best Baby Stroller 2019

Best Baby Stroller 2019, this video breaks down the top 5 baby strollers on the market.

publish June 6, 2019 78
Best Infant Car Seat 2019 – TOP 10 Infant Car Seats

Car seats for kids are really hard to get, because you never know which one is the best

publish June 6, 2019 78
Foods that Help Improve Breast Milk

Breastfeeding is among the best gifts that the new mother can provide to her newborn babies. Breast milk is extremely nutritious for babies, by having an optimal stability of body fat, sugar, drinking water and proteins. All these types of nutrients are crucia

publish June 6, 2019 132
Keeping Babies Healthy

New studies show when babies are transitioning from milk to food, it’s important they pick up the food and feed themselves.

publish June 6, 2019 258
Animals for Kids to Learn

Animals for Kids to Learn. Here is an educational video of 100 Animals for kids, toddlers and babies in English

publish June 6, 2019 577
Best Toy Food Learning

Best Toy Food Learning Video With Baby Shimmer’s High Chair Shimmer and Shine with Toy Genie. This is the best toy food learning video. What did baby Shimmer eat? Learn fruits, vegetables, and desserts using Shopkins.

publish June 6, 2019 195
How to Raise a Smarter Baby

Do you know what it takes to bring up a baby Einstein? What you eat, what you have around the house, the toys you buy and even the makeup you wear all play a role in your child’s intellectual development.

publish June 3, 2019 91

Here are the top 25 ways I entertain my two little ones! One and Two year old toddlers are so busy, and I often need a few moments to catch my breath, so these activities for toddlers are priceless! 🙂

publish June 3, 2019 53
Baby and Toddler Milestones

babies and toddlers to show the communication milestones expected in typically developing children. She also discusses what parents should do if they suspect their child is developmentally.

publish June 3, 2019 52

oday i share with you how Hailey and I are doing now that three months have passed since she was born!

publish June 3, 2019 51
How To Play With A 3 Month Old Baby

How To Play With A 3 Month Old Baby

publish June 3, 2019 52
Early Brain Development – Boys Town Pediatrics

SUBSCRIBE 20K Early brain development is essential for the health and well-being of your child. Dr. Gina DiRenzo-Coffey, pediatrician with Boys Town Pediatrics, explains how parents can encourage the brain development of their child and what activities they sh

publish June 3, 2019 50

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