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Why do newborn babies cry shortly after being born?

When a newborn baby is born, crying is a natural and instinctive response. Crying helps the baby take their first breath and expand their lungs fully as they transition from the womb to the outside world. It also aids in clearing any amniotic fluid or mucus that might be present in the baby's nose, mouth, or airways, ensuring open and clear air passages for proper breathing. Additionally, crying stimulates the baby's circulation, facilitating the adaptation to life outside the womb. Beyond physiological reasons, crying is one of the primary ways for a newborn to communicate their needs, whether it's hunger, discomfort, cold, or the need for a diaper change. Moreover, crying serves as a form of communication with caregivers, expressing their need for attention and care.

Posted July 26, 2023 by at United States in Baby Facts
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