About us

Ebaby.com is a free website and mobile app platform specifically for b2b (business to business), b2c (business to consumer) and c2c (consumer to consumer) that allows users to Buy, Sell, Trade and Post new and used baby products or anything baby related locally, nationally and worldwide.

Ebaby.com is the FIRST platform of its kind in the baby industry. It is the one and only platform to offer a ”catalogue” of baby products all on one platform.  Ebaby is essentially the baby of a marriage between Letgo and Craigslist, and the addition of a unique Trading feature.

Brands and Sellers display their products and showcase their media content with videos / photos, and website links to purchase the product directly from the Sellers.  In addition, Brands and Sellers have direct communication with potential customers with a chat feature that allows for an instant response.

The value to consumers is that they are able to search the millions of baby products,  find great deals on new and used merchandise, discover new baby recipes, local day care facilities, watch baby videos or how to videos on our video platform, make offers, chat with Brands and Sellers and trade their own baby products with other users all on one platform.

Ebaby.com is not just a smorgasbord of gizmos and gadgets, it’s “The best place for everything BABY!”