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19% Off Baby Transitional Swaddle Sleep Bag Sack Arms Up w/ Removable Mitten Sleeves

August 5, 2022 by , in Baby Products

100% Cotton
1.Detachable wing-shaped glove sleeve design: Sleeping position with two small hands on both sides of the head, baby can suck fingers or rub cheeks with fingers, so that baby can comfort himself emotionally. The hand cuff can prevent the baby from scratching the face with little hands. When the baby is a little older, remove the sleeves for baby and use it as a sleeping bag, or change it to long sleeves for baby’s daily routine.
2.Comfortable material: Swaddle bag is made of 100% cotton. Imitating the scene of a baby in the womb, soothing the startle reflex, helping the baby sleep better. Two sizes: M: 6.6-16.6 pounds 0-5 months, L: 17.6-24.2 pounds 5-11 months.
3.Double zipper design: Our double zipper design can effectively protect the delicate figure of the baby, which is convenient for parents to change diapers or scrub cream and apply body lotion to the baby. The lower part of the swaddle is more conducive to the development of the baby’s buttocks.
(Instructions) 1.Unzip the sleeping bag flat and place the baby on the sleeping bag. 2.Pull the zipper to the lower leg position to prevent the baby from kicking off the sleeping bag. 3.Put your baby arm on top of the wings and zip up.
1.During the transition period, take out one arm of the baby to transition from swaddling to a normal sleeping bag. 2.At the end of the transition, take out hands and expose your arms as ordinary sleeping bags. 3.The zipper pulls from bottom to top to the middle for easy changing of diapers for babies..6 lbs 0-5 months, L: 17.6-24.2 lbs 5-11 months

Removable mittens and removable sleeves, suitable for all-seasons and transitional sleeping need of babies.
THE IDEAL TRANSITIONAL SWADDLE LITTLE SLEEVES with BIG PURPOSE When parents close the mitten cuffs on the 1/2-length sleeves, the uniquely-shaped sleeves will provide partial suppression of the Moro (Startle) Reflex, and if baby rolls over on to tummy, baby can use their arms to lift upper body and reposition head to get access to air, which makes the TRANSITIONAL SWADDLE SACK a SAFER SLEEP OPTION
The swaddle Sack is perfect for babies who prefer to sleep with arms up Allows baby to self-soothe which will help baby sleep better and longer
FOLDOVER MITTEN CUFFS MAY BE WORN OPEN OR CLOSED, parents can open the cuffs, so baby can SELF-SOOTHE, or close the cuffs to PROTECT BABY FROM FACIAL SCRATCHES UNIQUELY SHAPED ARMS UP HALF-LENGTH SLEEVES with mitten cuffs will keep baby's arms close to body, but within reach of mouth.
THE TRANSITIONAL SWADDLE SACK IS PERFECT FOR BABIES WHO PREFER TO SLEEP WITH ARMS UP Swaddle Sack supports baby in a back sleeping position, allowing for multiple arm and hand positions to help baby sleep better

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