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Cookie Coloring Kit with Optional Children's Storybook from Corso's Cookies

May 21, 2023 by , in Babies and Kids

Sugar Cookies you can color and eat — comes with edible markers and colorable character designs from The Corso’s Kids childrens book series.

Color-A-Treat™ Cookie Coloring Kits are an easy and mess free activity for the entire family to enjoy. Each kit includes six edible food markers and sixteen fully iced cookies featuring the loveable and inspirational characters from The Corso’s Kids children’s book series. This cookie coloring activity is not only fun, but helps to build children’s creativity and happiness, makes for a scrumptious treat, and requires absolutely no prep!

ꕤ What you get in a Color-a-Treat™ kit:

❥ 16 individually wrapped Vanilla Sugar Cookies topped with royal icing
❥ Character coloring art printed on each cookie
❥ 6 ready-to-use Edible Ink Markers
❥ Edible Ink is made from food coloring and water
❥ Each cookie is 2 ounces

ꕤ The Corso’s Kids book:

❥ Written by Peter Hess and illustrated by Laura Soto Salazar, the children's book takes readers on a high-flying adventure to save a fairytale princess
❥ Appropriate for kids aged 4-7 years
❥ 32 pages of captivating illustrations accompanying a magical rhyming story

ꕤ Available designs:

❥ Monster Birthday Mash
❥ Once Upon A Time
❥ Dancing Dinos
❥ Party Animals
❥ Everyday and Holiday designs

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