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Anti-Loss Strap Wrist Link Hand Harness Leash band Safety Toddlers Child Kid

November 22, 2022 by , in Babies and Kids

Anti-Loss Strap Wrist Link Hand Harness Leash band Safety Toddlers Child Kid

✔ LONG, GENEROUSLY SIZED CHAIN Let your child be free to explore while always keeping them nearby with the 2.5 meter chain
✔ ULTRA STRONG MATERIAL The chain is made from stainless steel wire that has been wrapped with smooth plastic to avoid injury
✔ COMFORTABLE AND SOFT Cotton and non-prick Velcro work hand in hand to keep your child safe and secure
✔ HANDS FREE CONVENIENCE Unlike holding a backpack leash, you can do the shopping and run your errands with both hands free
✔ SIMPLE TO USE Just attach the either end to you and your child using the wristband and set off for the day

You love taking your little one out with you, but sometimes they get a little bit too curious about the world around them. They tend to wander off when you are in the store or walking in the park, and it can be not only inconvenient but dangerous as well. Putting them on a tether is a great way to let their curious little feet take them around the immediate area to explore while always keeping them close to mom and dad, and the Anti-Lost Wrist Link Safety Strap Wristband for Babies and Kids will serve that purpose comfortably and safely.

The Anti-Loss Child Restraint is a pair of ultra soft and breathable cotton and Velcro wristbands that are attached at either end by a durable stainless steel cord. This cord is wrapped in sleek plastic that stops anyone from poking themselves on it. The wristbands secure snugly and comfortably around the child's wrist with a simple application, and the breathable cotton will ensure that their wrists will stay cool and comfortable the whole day through. Simply wrap the wristband around their wrists and you are good to go.

The Anti-Lost Wrist Link Safety Strap Wristband features an ultra long 2.5 meters, or 98 inch long, stainless steel wire that shrinks and expands depending upon how far your child wants to wander. This comfortable child tether is more convenient than a standard backpack leash as it frees up both of the parent's hands to get their errands done or tend to other children while still keeping firmly attached to the one on the tether.

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