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Bernal Infant and Child Care is licensed with the State of California Community Care Licensing.

Marc and Erica have lead a very successful program at Bernal Infant and Child Care since early 2017. They worked hand in hand to utilize each others strengths. Marc is a great chef and often makes good food a lesson plan. He has great entrepreneurship skills, sense of humor and a natural leader for kids. Erica enjoys sharing her love of art and animals and her passion for exploration with all of the children in her program.

Both met in college while studying art at the academy of art university. Since then they have both cared for people of all ages with varied degrees of disabilities in their homes. Additionally, they volunteered their time to teach kids with disabilities photography. Marc also worked at YMCA summer programs and helped kids and families in need when he worked at family support services doing respite care.

They have lived in Bernal since 2001, and feel very honored to serve their community by caring for and helping their families the best way they know how, with love and dedication.

The couple have a child, Mitchell that inspired them to start the business.

Baby Organizations or Institutions
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