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Hands-on science, problem solving, and creative design classes for kids 2-12. Whether its our Toddler Discovery Science or NexGen Design Lab, every class starts with a question a kid asks and we use hands-on science to engage them in discovering answers. We are enabling the next generation of creative thinkers and leaders by offering 200 classes to explore how everyday things work. Opening Summer 2011.

It all started with two dads who were seeking a place for exploring the questions their kids asked. With many quality programs in music, sports, yoga, art in Chicago, outside of museums, there was no quality program for engaging kids with weekly classes in science. Kids Science Labs was founded for the little innovator in every child and for parents who are constantly responding to their child asking "how" and "why". Where does wind come from? Why does milk spoil? How does a remote control work? But where does the hamburger go? From the time they are infants, kids are solving problems and they needed a place to go. That place is Kids Science Labs. Our new learning center is opening Summer 2011 in Lincoln Park to provide a safe environment for kids to break stuff and understand how to fix it!

Baby Organizations or Institutions
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