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3D/4D Ultrasound and Gender Reveal Ultrasound services in New York City offering the best in prenatal ultrasound services. Now also offering HDLive Ultrsound ( 5d) the most advanced 3d ultrasound technology available. 4D Ultrasound Video and 3D Ultrasound color photos of your baby. Early Gender Reveal Ultrasound starting at just 14 weeks. Pregnancy Verification at 6 weeks and up. Spa like environment in Midtown Manhattan. Family and friends are welcome attend the ultrasound. Internet streaming of your ultrasound also available to family far way and a free service to military dads that are deployed. Recording of your bab's heartbeat inside an adorable stuffed animal. Embrace your pregnancy with a 3d/4d Ultrasound. Registered Ultrasound techs on staff and Medical Oversight from a Physician. In business since 2005 serving the needs of Expectant mothers.

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303 5th Ave Room 605 New York, NY 10016
(888) 915-2229
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