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To maintain the kind of stamina and focus required to give their best to children and to work, it's important for working moms to care for themselves the way they care for their children.

Here are some ways how you can balace your work and family if you are a wroking mom:

Let go of the mom guilt

Mom guilt has many origins, from personal insecurities to outside pressures from family, friends, social media, and other sources. Forgive yourself. Letting go of guilt has to start with a commitment to stop beating yourself up over your choices and circumstances. Release the need to be perfect. Stop comparing yourself to other mothers and restore balance. Letting go of mom guilt can be tough, but you deserve to give it up and enjoy this journey of motherhood. 

Use time saving hacks

All it takes is a bit of planning, prioritizing, and a few time-management. Avoid kitchen nightmares with floor mats. Opt for stress-free cups and glasses. Invest in a large freezer. Encourage healthy eating without tantrums. Nail the school run. Create an efficient beauty routine. Set bills to auto pay. keep an ongoing shopping List. Prepare everything a day in advance. Have your groceries delivered. Shop online when possible. Go to our marketplace and shop baby products you need!

Find childcare providers that you trust

There are so many benefits of your child being in daycare. It helps YOU prevent burn-out, helps kids develop social skills and can even enhance language and cognitive development. You have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, friend. Putting your kiddo in daycare doesn't make you a bad parent, or less of a parent. Go to our Baby Directory and look for a Childcare or Daycare near you!. Your baby will not feel abandoned by you when you return to work. Mostly because he or she is a baby who really has no idea what “work” is, but also because you're a good mom who loves her baby no matter what.

Maintain open communication with your manager

Open communication gives people the confidence to speak up. If there is no fear of punishment for offering genuinely constructive feedback then ideas get better, workplaces become safer, and systems get smoother. Open communication lines engender the kind of trust and comfort that employees need to resolve conflicts among themselves. They also make it easier for management to step in when a conflict is too big for workers to solve on their own.

Reconnect with your partner

Reinstate date night. Ask a friend or relative to watch your baby for a few hours so you can go to dinner or the movies, just like old times. Make time for yourselves as a couple maybe try to fit or adapt some of the things you used to enjoy together into your new life, such as watching a DVD or eating at your favorite restaurant.

Create special and meaningful family activities

Families who share everyday activities together form strong, emotional ties. Studies have found that families who enjoy group activities together share a stronger emotional bond as well as an ability to adapt well to situations as a family. Try sharing activities like preparing food, reading, playing word games, going to the park and more.

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being a working mom is tough or hard
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i am leaving my kids at a daycare, i was hesitant at first but as time goes by, it really does help especially when i have a hectic schedule at work
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