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At Ebaby, we know that life totally changes once your baby arrives. And while it’s all good things, breastfeeding is not easy - in fact, for many women, it can be painful and uncomfortable. However, there are plenty of things you can do to care for yourself during this time. To help, we put together a few self-care tips that you can implement while breastfeeding to make your experience more enjoyable for both you and your baby.

Choose a Comfortable Nursing Bra

When you’re breastfeeding, comfort is of the utmost importance. That’s why you’ll want to choose a durable nursing bra that gives you the support you need. For extra ease, choose a style that’s comfortable enough to wear while you sleep! Look for bras made from breathable fabric with robust support and convenient nursing access. Bonus points for finding one that offers double-duty as a hands-free pumping bra. You can start your search by shopping online, and as you check out online marketplaces like Amazon, you can purchase bras while picking out other items you need, like toilet paper, baby wipes, diapers, cleaning products and more. 

Balance Time With Your Other Children

Breastfeeding takes up a lot of your time and energy, and if you have other children, you might be worried about whether or not they’re getting enough attention from you - especially if you’re heading back to work soon. It can be hard to balance time with all of your kids when you’re breastfeeding a new baby. Talk to your partner about designating time with your kids so that you can work out a fair, informal “schedule.” For example, you might want to put your kids to bed at night, ask them to join you while you’re cooking dinner, or plan some nearby weekend outings without your newborn. Think of it this way, your partner can get some quality time with the baby while you get quality time with your other children

Create a Cozy Environment

Lots of mothers start “nesting” in the final weeks of pregnancy - it’s only natural that you want to create a cozy environment where you can care for your baby! But you can keep brightening up your home after your baby arrives, too. You might want to pick out cute new throw pillows or blankets, hang photos of your baby on the walls, or order fresh flowers online! Depending on your tastes, you can click here to put together your own unique bouquet or choose a curated combination. Having fresh flowers is a simple way to add a sense of relaxation and beauty to your home. 

Enjoy Hands-Free Activities

Breastfeeding can take up a lot of time. When your baby needs you for so many hours of the day, it’s easy to feel like you have little to no time for yourself. However, breastfeeding does present you with the opportunity to enjoy some hands-free activities! Very Well Family recommends doing a little reading, which can be convenient with audiobooks, catching up on a TV series you enjoy, or calling your friends.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet can make breastfeeding easier. Certain foods will help boost your milk production in the long run. There’s no single “diet” that you have to stick to while breastfeeding, but you can definitely benefit from incorporating certain foods into your diet. Mustela recommends eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, a few servings of lean protein per day, whole grains, healthy fats, and foods that contain lots of calcium, such as milk, yogurt, and broccoli. It’s important to get plenty of calories into your diet while you’re breastfeeding - remember, you’re technically still eating for two!

Breastfeeding can pose lots of challenges, but it can also be a time to truly bond with your baby. If you’ve been having trouble caring for yourself while caring for your baby, it’s only natural that it will take a bit of time to find the right balance. With a comfortable nursing bra, a plan to spend time with your other kiddos and healthy eating, you’ll be able to focus on self-care while breastfeeding.

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