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Going out in the open with your baby brings many benefits. Taking a walk, going to the park or just spending time on a park bench enjoying nature, are activities that every child and parent should enjoy as often as possible. In spring and summer, when the weather is good and the temperatures are warm and inviting. As well as during the autumn and winter months when outdoor activities can prove to be a little more challenging. Do not be discouraged by the weather conditions of the cold season! You can always go out with your baby, just take some precautions. The following, are tips for taking your baby outside in all types of weather. 

Tips before taking your baby out for the first time

Soon after leaving the hospital, mom and dad can go out with their newborn on a daily basis. However, it is necessary to cover your child’s head, as it is extremely sensitive and you must protect it. It is advisable to access quieter and less congested places. Thus avoiding your baby’s exposure to noise and pollution. Try to go to parks in the middle of the day, as they tend to be quieter places where you will also be able to enjoy the serenity of nature.


Visual, olfactory and auditory stimuli

Spending time outdoors is very beneficial for the baby, as exposure to sunlight stimulates their production of vitamin D, which is very important for its growth. In addition, getting out of the house allows for your baby to breathe fresh air and enjoy the sights and sounds offered by nature. It is also good to let the baby discover the world around him. Be careful to always keep an eye out for your baby as at this age, everything can attract their attention.

Body temperature of baby

The core internal temperature of newborns are not as developed as that of adults. Therefore, your baby will be more sensitive to cold and heat. You will need to take certain precautions during seasons when temperatures are extreme. Thus, in summer, you will avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day; and in winter, only going out during the hours of which the sunshines the brightest.

How to dress baby

When you go out with your baby, the important thing is to dress appropriately, taking into account the temperature and weather conditions outside. In winter, dress in layers with clothes that allow your baby to perspire easily. Always protect their head by using a hat when it is cold because it is through this part of the body that the baby loses heat. Mittens and boots are also needed as well to protect their extremities for the cold.

For those summer days keep an eye out for the UV index, if it’s elevated then there is a high risk of unprotected sun exposure. On those days you will want to keep your baby indoors. However, when the UV index is low make sure your baby wears a hat to protect them from the suns rays. As well, loose comfortable breathable clothing is recommended.

Pediatricians recommend that you should apply special baby sunscreen to newborns to ensure that the baby is well protected from the sun.

Watch out for sudden changes in temperature

Temperature changes are dangerous for the baby’s health as it easily can catch a cold. It is therefore essential to dress according to the immediate temperature of your surroundings, whether you are indoors or outdoors, in direct sunlight or not. Packing along a change of weather appropriate clothing or accessories can help you be ready for whatever weather comes along.

In closing taking the necessary precautions to protect your baby’s outdoor experience will ensure a fun and safe experience for both you and the baby.

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