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Families with infants and toddlers have complex needs. Some have unmet physical or mental health needs, while others struggle to provide the basics. Children have certain basic needs in common that must be provided for to ensure their optimal development and well being. Your baby needs good health and energy to learn and grow, and you can help by taking care of their basic needs. Kids must feel safe and sound, with their basic survival needs met: shelter, food, clothing, medical care and protection from harm. Early in life, babies depend on others to meet their needs for safety and security.

Provide ways for your child to see, hear, feel, move freely and touch you. Slowly move colourful things for your child to see and reach for. Essential newborn care includes: Immediate care at birth (delayed cord clamping, thorough drying, assessment of breathing, skin-to-skin contact, early initiation of breastfeeding) Thermal care. Resuscitation when needed. Basic Needs of Infants and Toddlers includes adequate Sleep, nutritious food, security and protection, sensory stimulation and strong bonds.

Some essentials are onesies, pajamas, pants, and swaddle blankets. For baby's bathing: An infant tub, baby washcloths, baby towels, and wash/lotion for sensitive skin. Diapering: If you're going with disposable diapers, one large box of size 1 diapers can get you started. For cloth diapers, experts recommend having 24. 

Between 13 and 20 weeks of your pregnancy should be a good place to begin your serious baby shopping. If you have a baby registry, take care to check and to see what baby stuff has been bought before you go out for them yourself. In any case, have your baby necessities ready to go between 32 and 36 weeks. Many expecting parents prefer to wait to buy baby stuff until they find out the gender of their baby. This generally happens between 18 and 21 weeks, but some people find out as early as 12 weeks.


Things You Need To Have for Your Newborn Baby:

  • Clothing and Layette.
  • Diapers.
  • Bath Items.
  • Grooming/First Aid Tools.
  • Bedding and Sleep Needs.
  • Feeding Supplies.
  • Gear and Furniture.


Essentials That You Need When You're Out WIth Your Baby:

  • Car seat
  • Stroller.
  • Baby carrier or wrap
  • Diaper bag. 
  • Sun shade for car windows.
  • Portable crib.
  • Portable changing pad.


Despite all of the baby products on the market, your little one won't actually require a lot of gear. Your care and support will give your child a secure base from which to explore the world. Love, attention, and affection in the first years of life have a real impact on a child's physical, mental and emotional growth. So cuddle, touch, smile, encourage, listen to and play with your little one whenever you can .

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