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Whether you hold the baby up near your shoulder or at your chest, support her head and bottom. Always support your newborn's head and neck. To pick up baby, slide one hand under baby's head and neck and the other hand under their bottom. Bend your knees to protect your back. Once you've got a good hold, scoop up your baby and bring baby close to your chest as you straighten your legs again.

Your baby's neck muscles are fairly weak when they're born. If you pull them up gently by their hands into a sitting position their head will flop back because their neck muscles can't support it . For the first few months, they'll rely on you using your hands to support their head and neck when you hold them.

To hold your baby in an upright position, support her head and neck with one hand while resting her on your chest and shoulder. Support your baby's bottom with your other hand. Whether your pick up, carry, or hold your baby, the most important thing is to support his head and neck.

If you pick them up by or under their arms, you risk injuring their arms or shoulders. Worse, their head will dangle and could flop around, potentially causing a brain injury. Instead, place one hand behind their head and neck and the other hand under their bottom. It is essential to know how to pick up a baby, and then how to hold a newborn upright. While supporting the baby's head and neck in one hand and their bottom in the other, gently lift the child to your shoulder so that your bodies are parallel.

To safely hold your baby in a lengthways position, cradle the head gently in one hand and rest it against your chest for extra support. Use your other forearm to support the neck while placing your baby's head in the crook of your elbow.You can hold your newborn upright from birth as long as the neck and head are well-supported. In fact, sometimes it's preferable to hold your newborn upright rather than have her lying down. It's certainly not bad to sit baby upright.

Alternatively, lift baby under the arms, using your fingers to support the neck. When moving around, either cradle them in your arms or rest them against your shoulder, with their head turned to one side and your hand on their back.

How can I put my baby on my shoulder?

Lean your baby up on a shoulder and with the arm of the same side, wrap it around his bottom. Use the other arm to hold against his back and/or to support his neck. Babies sleep well in this position, too. It also allows them to hear your heart beating and breathing.

Babies like the feeling of being held snuggly so grip firmly but gently. 

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