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Having a new baby is both magical and overwhelming, exhausting and scary at the same time. With time, parents learn to recognize and understand their baby's needs, desires, and schedules. Newborn babies need six basic things: security, clothes, sleep, food, sensory stimulation, love, and attention. Taking care of a newborn can be challenging, but it can become manageable, especially if you have the right advice. Here are the most basic newborn care that you can follow:


Most Infants Are Well Even When Moms are Infected by COVID-19 | UC San  Francisco


Feed your baby frequently, whether you're breastfeeding or using formula

Within three days of birth, a mother's body usually starts producing breast milk if she is breastfeeding — the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doing so for at least six months. In the beginning, nursing mothers may have to work hard to ensure their babies latch onto their breasts correctly, or fasten onto them, so they can eat. It's best to talk to a lactation consultant if you're having trouble latching your baby or getting him or her to eat; most hospitals and birthing centers have a certified lactation consultant. The United States Lactation Consultant Association also offers private lactation consultations. The newborn should be fed eight to 12 times in 24 hours, regardless of whether you're breastfeeding or formula feeding.


Do tummy time and bond with your baby when she is awake

Whenever your baby is awake, one of the best ways to bond with her is to rest her bare-chested body on your bare chest. According to studies, infants who receive skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth are more likely to breastfeed, breastfeed longer, and have better heart and breathing responses.


Start a bedtime routine and sleep when your baby sleeps

Newborns sleep a lot, but they wake up every hour or two to change. During the first few weeks, your baby probably just wakes up long enough to be fed and changed. Because your baby is going to be awake for short periods throughout the night, it will disrupt your sleep inevitably, so you should always sleep when your baby does. You should always put your baby to sleep on his back, never on his side or stomach, because that's the best way to minimize the risk of sudden infant death.


Safely bathe your baby, and don't overdo it

A sponge bath is the best way to wash a baby before her umbilical cord stump falls off – usually 5 to 15 days after birth. Wrap your baby in a towel and lay her down on a soft flat surface to do that. You should wipe her face first with a clean, moist washcloth — do not use soap since it could get into her eyes or mouth — then apply some baby soap to the washcloth and gently wipe the rest of her body. After your baby's bath, wipe his body again with a clean damp washcloth. You can apply a baby moisturizer, such as petroleum jelly, to prevent dryness after the bath. Make sure you spot clean your baby every day around his mouth, neck, and groin — basically anywhere that gets dirty. Bathing once or twice a week is actually sufficient, and bathing too frequently can cause dry skin or eczema, which causes red, itchy skin.


Get some help

Getting a new baby can be exciting, but it can also be exhausting and unsettling. If you're struggling, ask your partner, or other family members or friends for help. If you're tired, stressed out, ill-nourished, and emotionally impoverished, you can't care for your child well. If you have a baby, ask friends or family members to hold him, change him, take him for walks or bottle feed him.


Bringing your newborn home, let's keep it real


Having quality child care helps kids develop social and learning skills at a young age. These skills help them build and maintain better relationships with their parents, adults, and other kids.


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