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It is recommended that you pack your hospital bag between weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy in case your baby arrives earlier than you anticipated. You should have your hospital bag ready to go as soon as possible after you have given birth. A good time to begin packing is when you are 28 weeks pregnant, or at the beginning of the third trimester. Don't forget your hospital paperwork, ID, your (new) pediatrician's contact details, and your insurance card, as well as multiple copies of your birth plan and labor notes. Of course, you will need your phone and charger, too. It would be nice if you kept your family and friends updated and took some of the first photos.

Many new moms are unaware of the fact that you can get tons of great free items at the hospital. Yup, you read that correctly. You can get a variety of products for free including diapers and wipes, formula samples, pumping supplies, as well as postpartum recovery essentials. Generally speaking, hospitals provide everything that you will need in order to take good care of your baby while you are there, so there is no need to bring a giant pack of diapers with you. You will receive baby shampoo, diaper cream for sticky meconium poos, diapers, wipes and more.

There is usually a gown, slippers, disposable underwear, and basic toiletries that the hospital provides for you. Although you might want to have your own clothes with you, labor and the first few days of postpartum can be messy times. It may be a good idea not to wear your brand-new lingerie during this time.


Hospital Bag Checklist For Mom


Baby Hospital Bag Checklist for Giving Birth in the Philippines.

  • Your own toiletries
  • Nursing bra
  • Nursing pads
  • Glasses
  • Slippers
  • Phone Charger
  • Snacks
  • Lip Balm (Trust me, you'll need this!)


Breast Pump and Baby Bottles

A hospital will provide you with a breast pump if you need one as part of your postpartum care; however, if you are looking for assistance with how to set up and use your breast pump, you can bring it to the hospital with you, and a lactation consultant will guide you through the setup process. We recommend that you purchase at least one 'starter pack' of first infant milk containing 6 bottles and 6 teats, which will be useful for your stay in the hospital if you have chosen to bottle feed your baby. If you choose to bottle feed, you will need to bring enough pre-packed bottles of readymade newborn formula to last for the duration of your stay in the hospital.

Baby clothes

The hospital onesies and t-shirts may not be warm enough for the baby to go home in, so we highly recommend you include at least THREE going-home outfits for your newborn in your hospital bag so they don't get cold. Also, depending on the weather outside, some hospital onesies and t-shirts may not be warm enough for them to go home in.

Baby Diapers

As a first-time parent, you may not know which diapers your baby will be comfortable in. That is the hospital's job, and they are great at it. If you still want to bring diapers to the hospital, bear in mind that a newborn baby will use between 8 and 12 diapers every day.


Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad


What To Pack In The Hospital Bag: Dad-To-Be - Live Core Strong

  • Pillow and Blanket
  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Clothing
  • Phone
  • Snacks
  • Music
  • Push Present

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For those first family photos, don't forget to bring some fresh clothing and a nice shirt for those first moments with your new baby. It's also a good idea to have a button-down shirt so you can spend some quality time with your newborn. Yes, skin-to-skin time is not just for moms!


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