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In order to motivate your baby to explore the bottle with his or her mouth, you need to choose a time of day when he or she is happy and alert, as well as a little hungry, which will enable them to start sucking the bottle. You should try to keep things consistent with your baby from the very beginning and offer him or her the bottle at the same time every day so that they know what is coming next.

According to research, almost half of babies don't have a problem accepting a bottle at one month, two months, and even three to six months of age; and the rest will accept it if you introduce it with patience and persistence for a few weeks. There are some babies who like to be bottle-fed skin-to-skin, in their preferred nursing position, if they are not being fed by the mother, so they might want to wrap the bottle in something that smells like the mother, such as her clothing or a cloth that has been used to catch dripping milk.


When a baby refuses to take a bottle, try these tips:


The Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies in 2022


  1. Try giving the baby a bottle when he isn't very hungry.
  2. Let someone else give your baby breast milk.
  3. Try different positions when feeding the baby.
  4. Change sides.
  5. Try moving around while you feed him.
  6. Make sure you hold your baby snugly and upright.
  7. Take the bottle and hold it at an angle.
  8. Have someone else offer the bottle instead of mom.
  9. Don't put the bottle directly into the baby's mouth, let her latch on herself.
  10. Give your baby a little time to adjust.


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Some sites recommend you wait six weeks (as that is the average time it takes to establish your milk supply), while others suggest you try earlier - just make sure that you pump milk before you give the baby any formula so that it doesn't interfere with the regular feedings. Occasionally, if you wait too long (after 6 weeks) you may find your baby is strongly against the bottle. It is best to offer the bottle 3-4 times a week and no more than once a day in order to keep your baby familiar with the artificial nipple as well as maintain a strong breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby.

The transition from breast to bottle is definitely easier if you introduce a bottle at the right age. However, even if the baby is already two to three months old, it's still possible. In addition to the tips above, you can also help your baby practice with a pacifier. Using a pacifier helps babies develop and strengthen their sucking ability as they grow.

When your baby refuses to drink a bottle, these are some of the most common reasons to look out for: Your baby was recently weaned and would like to continue breastfeeding. It might be that your baby isn't hungry enough to want to feed. It could be that your baby is sick, colicky, or otherwise unwell enough to not want to feed.


Baby Refusing Bottle: Why Your Baby Is Refusing And What You Can Do


When a baby is successfully breastfeeding, he does not need to learn to drink from a bottle – he is not missing out on a developmental skill. Many babies skip straight from breastfeeding to a cup as early as four months old. Many babies eventually take a bottle if they need to, especially when their mom is at work the whole day. Oftentimes, when babies have been accepting the bottle for a long time and then suddenly start refusing it, the reason is that they have been associating feeding with something negative. It's a conditioned response to avoid the thing they disliked. This is known as bottle aversion.


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