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What does "hands-on" mean exactly? A hands-on “mom” is someone who spends purposeful quality time with their children. It's spending time, engaging in activities, and creating memories with them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dad or a grandma, preschool teacher, caregiver, au pair or nanny, anyone can be a hands-on “mom”. 

Having a hands-on approach to parenting always involves spending lots of time with the children. According to William Mattox Jr.'s article "The Parent Trap," Harvard University child psychiatrist Robert Cole stated that children's frenzied desire to have possessions is not only a result of the television ads they see.

A recent study conducted at Columbia University found that parents who exert their parental authority by taking a "hands-on" approach to raise their children tend to have a much more positive relationship with their children, as well as a reduced risk of harming themselves with drugs and alcohol.


Ways of Hands-on Parents:


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  1. Monitoring what the kids are watching on the television: It is possible for you to monitor what your children watch with the help of the TV Parental Guidelines and V-chip. TV Parental Guidelines. Based on the movie rating system, this system has been developed to provide an age-group rating system for television shows. You can find these ratings in TV guides and local listings, as well as on the screen when viewing your cable program guide.
  2. Keeping track of what kids are doing on the internet: It is essential to have parental controls in place if you have young children using the internet. These controls are necessary to protect the cren from the many threats that can be seen online, such as predators, cybercyber criminalserbullying, and inappropriate access to the internet.
  3. Expecting their kids to tell the truth: A child must learn the importance of telling the truth, as well as the importance of being honest. It is important to remember that lying can cause damage to your relationships as well as your self-esteem. It is important to strike a balance between feeling guilty and ashamed that you are caught lying and taking responsibility for fixing it.
  4. Eating dinner together with the kids most of the time: Eating together tends to promote more sensible eating habits, which in turn helps members of the family manage their weight more easily and, in turn, makes life more comfortable. When a family sits down together and eats together, it helps them to handle the stresses of everyday life and the hassles of day-to-day existence.
  5. Requiring kids to do household chores: Chores enable children to gain valuable experience and skills that they will use in adult life to take care of themselves, their home, and their family. Whether it's preparing meals, cleaning, organizing or maintaining a garden, chores help children to gain responsibility for their lives.
  6. Regularly reviewing the kid's academic performance: Children are expected to spend much of their time on their education and need to graduate with good academic results in order to receive a good education. Children who have excellent academic skills are more likely to get employment benefits, higher income, greater self-esteem and confidence, lower anxiety and depression levels.
  7. Monitoring where their kids at after school or during weekends: After school ends up for the day, kids are usually forced to spend a lot of time inside at home. However, parents don't have to worry about this too much. Just simply monitor what your child does after school, in the evenings and on weekends.
  8. Monitoring their kids' phones: The law permits parents to track their child's phone without them knowing because they install a parental control app, such as mSpy, on the device they want to monitor. However, parents can monitor only their kids who are under the age of thirteen. The mSpy monitoring app allows you to spy on your child's online activities without them knowing.
  9. Having curfew hours for older kids: Teenagers can sometimes be forgetful and irresponsible. Curfews should be given to keep them safe and help to teach them to follow instructions in order to become more responsible and responsible adults. Teenagers should be given the opportunity to be responsible adults by being given curfews.
  10. Knowing their kid's friends and parents: PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) analyses show that students who attend schools where their parents know their children's friends, as well as their families, do better in school, have more positive attitudes toward collaboration, and feel happier and more secure at school.


The 9 Responsibilities Of A Father: The Household Hero

A hands-on parent is one who invests time, energy, and effort into multiple aspects of the life of his or her child. Here's what it means to be one: Hands-on dads share responsibilities – He knows that leaving everything up to mom or the family since you are the breadwinner isn't a good way to raise your child.

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even though my partner and I both have jobs, we always make sure we have time for our baby
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