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The modern-day parenting style, with its unique techniques, is known to be an important part of the foundation of self-esteem and self-confidence among kids. This is because modern parents are more concerned about the psychological well-being of their children as opposed to nurturing their physical abilities. As of twenty years ago, staying-at-home dads were not common. Now, we often see dads picking up children from school or participating in school activities. Equal shared parenting is an extension of co-parenting, but it divides time and responsibilities equally between the parents.

Traditional parenting is inflexible and rigid. It emphasizes raising responsible and functional adults who have good manners, a sound education, and a strong work ethic. Modern parenting is flexible. Among the factors that are emphasized are nurturing, involvement, and letting children express their individuality freely. A traditional form of parenting is one in which the parents expect their children to obey authority and respect their cultural beliefs and values. This style of parenting can help children achieve higher academic results and have lower behavioral and psychological problems.

Although parents of today face many challenges, they still give themselves a good grades overall for the work they are doing raising their children. The majority of parents who have children under 18 say that they have done an excellent job, and an additional 45% say that they have done a very good job. It is true that modern parenting has become influenced by the unique passions, values, and beliefs of each family to guide parenting decisions to ensure that good kid are raised while at the same time building a close bond between parents and children. 


Challenges of modern-day parenting:


How to navigate the minefield of modern parenting from birthday parties to  text speak - Mirror Online

  • Maintaining a balance between work and family life.
  • Culture-blaming
  • Providing children with a quality education.
  • Being afraid of saying 'no' or refusing to say it.
  • Overloaded information

It wasn't a big deal if the parents were hated in the 80's as long as their child grew up into a responsible, young adult and didn't get into trouble that would ruin his or her life as a child. Because they want to have the approval of their own children, parents today pamper and cater to their children’s every whims in order to feel that they are liked by them.

While the amount of time parents spend with their children has not changed much over the years, they are spending more time doing hands-on child care today than they did in the past. It seems as if the amount of time spent on activities such as reading to children, doing crafts, taking them to lessons, attending recitals and games, and helping with homework has increased dramatically over time.


Parenthood and Childhood in the 80s and Today |


Growing up in the 80's: In those days, young kids were encouraged to go outside to play in the streets after school, and they were expected to arrive home in time for dinner. There were no watches, so when the sun went down and the street lights went on, that was our signal that our outdoor play time had come to an end.

A traditional family was considered a social unit, while a modern family has developed a more individualistic outlook. As a rule, all members of a family lived in the same place during ancient times and they were bonded by common social and residential conditions which allowed them to be a part of one family.

There has been a gradual deterioration of authority due to the demands of juggling personal, professional, and family obligations as well as a changing world and an increase in social isolation. As a result of today's negative behavior of their children, many parents today feel as though they have no longer been able to act and respond effectively to it.

A child must have a sense of social connection, emotional stability, physical health, a varied view of interests, and at the core, a sense of holistic well-being in order to achieve and sustain their happiness.


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