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Your Baby and Activity… A Healthy Combination

When we speak about your baby and their activity… a healthy combination, we are referring to the fact that from as soon as the age of 5 months you may notice that your baby can raise their head while lying down and even do a “push up”, as well as lift their chest off of the floor or even bed. Soon they will be sitting up all by themselves and be extremely inquisitive about everything they see and touch, from their toes, which they will want to try to put in their mouths, to passing their favorite toy from one hand to the other. 

All of these actions are completely normal and should be encouraged, as it develops and stimulates both the baby’s mind and body.


Your Baby and Activity… A Healthy Combination (Learning by Playing)

Because it is all new to them, your toddler may look like they are always playing, but in fact they are actually learning physical skills that are very important to them. Their physical skills will help them build muscle control and balance along with coordination.

Think of it as building a house, you don’t start by the roof and build down. Rather you start by the foundation and build up. The stronger the foundation (muscle control, balance and coordination) your child builds, the stronger your child will be physically and mentally. Today walking, tomorrow jumping rope and kicking a ball on the run.

Plus playing gives your child the opportunity to explore, as well as practice their specific motor skills such as stacking blocks and coloring, as well as having them develop their imagination.

Of course, as your baby develops these skills, you will want to take full advantage of this time in their lives, and help them stimulate their minds, as well as their bodies.

You may or may not know this, but babies love the sound of their parent’s voices, so keep the conversation going and talk to them as often as you can, while changing them, during feeding or even play time. Ask them questions, which will encourage their thought process, as well as interaction.

Your Baby and Activity… A Healthy Combination (Activities)

Something as simple as:

Playing Peekaboo will help develop their motor skills and stimulate their minds.
Playing soft music at a low volume (babies ears are still developing) and dancing with them in your arms is soothing and fun.
Taking your child in a stroller and going for a walk is a terrific way for you, the parent, to not only get exercise, but also for your child to be exposed to the outside world.
Reading out loud to them will stimulate their mind.

As your child grows so will their level of activity, and plush baby toys will soon be replaced with toys like the:

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Your Baby and Activity… A Healthy Combination (Toddlers)

As your child goes from being a baby to a toddler (right around the ages of 2-3) you will begin to notice an increase in activity levels. Due to the proper foundation we spoke about earlier, your little one will now have the proper coordination (which is still improving) to start pedaling a tricycle, climb onto and down from furniture and even slowly walk up and down stairs.

The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) strongly believes that children at around 2 years of age should not be watching TV. They recommend having more supervised activities whether indoor or outdoor, as well as encouraging your child to play with siblings and children their own age. A terrific way to keep them active is when you are planning for family activities make them as active as possible. You will be glad that you did for obvious reasons, but one of which is creating terrific family memories with your children.

Your child will develop a sense of accomplishment as they grow and acquire new skills and abilities. Encouraging said skills will also build their self-confidence, which will help them throughout their entire life.

Children are wonderful and investing in their early development will provide both parents and child a wonderful sense of joy and fulfillment for years to come, as well as beautiful memories that will last both you and your child a lifetime.

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