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There are many things you need to know as a new parent. Rearing a new baby is a tasking and you should be ready and prepared for the challenges ahead. In this article, we shall discuss the 10 basic things a new parent should know.

1. Sleep when the baby sleeps

You must have heard this on a number of occasions. Don’t cook, clean or worry about your baby whenever the baby is sleeping. The best time for you to sleep is when your baby is sleeping. Although the sleep won’t last, you may regret if you don’t take the advantage.

2. Swaddle your baby

Swaddling is an ancient way of wrapping babies in blankets or similar clothes in such a way that their limbs are tightly restricted. Although it is an old technique, it still works in keeping your baby quiet and content. Do this properly and you are sure to have a happy, sleeping baby.

3. Don’t worry about the home noise

You don’t need to worry yourself about the noise level of your home. If you live in a noisy environment, your baby will adjust and adapt to it.

4. Don’t overbuy

You cannot get everything you want for your new baby. Cloths, Poncho, Carriage, and Diapers etc. are good but you may regret buying everything in the end. Babies are quick to grow and can outgrow those clothes in a matter of months.

5. Wake a sleeping baby to eat

This can sound strange but it is an obvious truth. You have to wake a sleeping baby to eat. While enough sleep is important for your baby, enough food is also essential. This will ensure that your baby stays healthy and hydrated always.

6. You cannot over-pamper a new baby

Hold your baby close to you as much as possible and do everything to keep them happy. Of course, there are sometimes when you need to let them cry it out but at their early stage, it is more than okay to spoil them rotten!

7. Listen to your baby

Every baby is unique and different from the other. The fact that your neighbour’s baby sleep throughout the morning does not mean yours must also do the same. Spend quality time with your baby and pay attention to their behaviour and attitude. You should be able to differentiate between their hunger cry, stress cry, and hold me cry.

8. Relax

Don’t overburden yourself. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your baby will be. Simple formula!

9. Let Dad take over!

Don’t be afraid to let dad takeover of the baby while you rest or do some other things. Dad also needs to be familiar with the baby’s routine as you do. Don’t stress yourself when dad asks to stay with the child for a while. He will come running for you when it’s time for mummy care.

10. Factor your baby in every plan

When the time comes that you have to return to work or engage in your daily commitments, remember that you now have a baby. Thus, it is worthwhile to factor your baby into every plan. If you are preparing for work, you need to give yourself twice as much time as you used to. The same principle applies to commitments.

Bottom line

There is no singular rule for rearing babies. The best way is to understand your baby and follow your instinct. If things seem difficult, do not hesitate to visit your doctor for professional advice. Relax, listen and enjoy!

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